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Project Management Insights

Welcome to the Project Management Insights Podcast where we provide you with tips and tricks for successfully managing a project.

Mar 26, 2018

Asking for help isn't something that comes naturally, especially when you believe that it is YOUR job to deliver the project. Let's talk about WHY you don't ask for help and look at how asking for help is valuable.

Mar 19, 2018

Let's talk team culture. Is your culture combative? I will share my ideas on how to deal with that. Maybe it is cohesive. Then it's important to keep it that way. And what about if you have a culture of silos. I talk to you about how to change that too.

Mar 5, 2018

We all know that miscommunication costs us. Rework. Disagreement. Everyone working in different directions. Here are some ways to manage miscommunication. First, it is about understanding WHY there is miscommunication and where the source is.