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Project Management Insights

Welcome to the Project Management Insights Podcast where we provide you with tips and tricks for successfully managing a project.

Jul 24, 2017

"When people are in a group, responsibility for acting is diffused" - A quote from the book Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

This is what has me dive into today's episode; noticing three reasons I see why people don't want to act, or take responsibility for an item on the project.

I'll walk you through those three...

Jul 17, 2017

So you think you need to be in control of EVERYTHING?

What a myth.  That's not what Project Managing is all about.

Let's break open this myth and let's talk about what it's really like to manage a project and lead the team.  We explore 'managing' versus 'being in control.'

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Jul 10, 2017

How often have you ignored issues on your project and had them turn into risks?

In this episode we look at what an issue is and why it's of value to track and investigate it BEFORE it becomes a risk and derails your project.

It is also of value to have your team members support you in managing issue resolution.  You...

Jul 3, 2017

Want to know the top seven ways to really upset someone on your team?  Here they are.  It's an interesting list, given that a lot of the time we do these things unconsciously and yet it always causes team disruption.

Turnaround this habit of upsetting people and you will have a strong cohesive team.