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Project Management Insights

Welcome to the Project Management Insights Podcast where we provide you with tips and tricks for successfully managing a project.

Sep 19, 2019

These seven tips will help you to put together a project schedule that is easy to work with and monitor. It's all about engaging the team and getting their help to pull together a schedule that is complete, realistic and with dependencies called out.

Sep 12, 2019

Have you considered the impact of your words or the language that you use in your interaction with others? Your language not only says a lot about you, but it also impacts on the strength of the relationship you have with others around you. Maybe it's time to begin to mind your language.

Sep 5, 2019

Do you notice people are just don't have the same level of understanding about the project as you do? There are reasons for that.

Mark Steele talks to me about six reasons that he's found that make the difference, on a project. The difference between everyone being 'on purpose' and 'off purpose.'

Aug 29, 2019

I think we all underestimate the value of using a Gantt chart for our project. I know I've struggled when I've used Excel to set up a project schedule. Here are the 5 ways that a Gantt Chart can help you manage your project easier.

Aug 22, 2019

Needing to be right all the time gets you nowhere. People won't respond to you and give you what you want, no matter what you think. It's only when you're willing to meet people without any story of right or wrong that you really get what you want.